What is Healthy-Waters?

Healthy-Waters is an integrated communications and advocacy program of Positive Medicine Inc, and a critical advertisement free offering in support of one of our core visions, The Planetary Patient

Who runs Healthy-Waters.org?

Mike Magee is the editor of the Healthy-Waters.org site. He is also the author of the book, Healthy Waters, which is available for purchase at Spencer Books.

Why did a physician leader decide to focus on water?

Dr. Magee believes that water is the premier health issue of our day. In 1999, he embraced WHO director, Gro Brundtland, also a physician, definition of health as “part goodness, and part fairness – reaching ones full human potential”. Water touches every aspect of human existence. Without access to clean safe water, there not only is no health, there is no future. Dr. Magee believes health professionals should be intimately involved in water issues that imact their patients and planetary health.

What is the “Drops of Life” presentation?

How do you communicate the story of life-giving water with a sense of honesty and urgency, including all the facts and figures, and still make it entertaining and inspirational? The answer for Dr. Mike Magee, the veteran health leader and broadcaster, was to team up with Duarte Design, the original creative partner for Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.” The result is equally dramatic, taking a complex topic, and translating it into a compelling story filled with motion, color and sound, drawing the audience in, and moving them to action. “Drops of Life” leaves an indelible mark, not easily erased.

What content is covered in the 1 hour “Drops of Life” presentation?

An overview of water policy positions today’s environmental issues for what they are—the premier health issues of the day. Developed with input from the UN, WHO and EPA, this multimedia presentation places water in its proper context, as our planet’s most valued and threatened resource. The interaction between water and agriculture, industry, urbanization, population growth, war, disasters and disease points to the need for Integrated Water Resource Management, and personal and societal responsibility.

Mike Magee’s style is open, inclusive, and participatory. A natural and accessible communicator, he is able to bridge deep divisions with a message that is at once informative, personal and hopeful.

How can I book Dr. Magee for our organization?

You can reach Dr. Magee at: contact@healthy-waters.org or at 917-596-1783.